Essentially I have two current writing projects:

1. A long-format interactive science fiction story in five arcs, about a young guy on a future space colony who pilot-tests spaceships and invents things in his spare time, as he struggles to figure out what he wants to do with his life. And how one of the things he invents inadvertently leads to a war, that he and his friends have to help end.



2. The second current writing project is a traditional-narrative fantasy series of stories and novellas, following two younger guys who practice magic. One is pressured to it by family tradition, and the other is an outcast who learns it in secret.

It's set in a seaside solarpunk-ish setting, and in the process of their assignments and adventures, the guys deepen their friendship and work out both political and family secrets.


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Summarizing what I'm writing is always hard! Let's just say that it's gay scifi, gay fantasy, and a combination of deeply serious and fun --

Where all the queer and POC characters live in the end, and most of them happily.

Not that I don't put them through some shit along the way. I suppose that's part of the job.

The science fiction series will be released as a long-form, choose-your-own-adventure type interactive story, probably on

It'll have five main parts, divided into 15 smaller "episodes", which would probably be the equivalent length of a short novel each.

Most of it is already plotted, and a ton is already written. I've been working on it since 2010, and steadily since December 2015.

I don't know how long it'll take to finalize and release it all, but I do know a few things for sure:

1. It'll be free. Every arc of the story will be free to download and play/read through, forever. It wants to be an event, not a product.

2. I won't abandon it as unfinished. I love it to pieces and have kept going through so much already.

3. I might pull bits and revise them, but I'd explain what I did.

4. I'd like to make actual mini-games to supplement it someday. :D

The fantasy stories will probably be a bit more traditional in presentation, as ebooks, or ultimately as small collections that could be printed on demand.

None of this is going to be available on Amazon, because screw that. So how I'd distribute is still something I'm looking at creative avenues to do.

I'll post excerpts from both series, first on my blog to members, and then on here.

The scifi tale's main character is named Jessyn Skye.

The fantasy story guys are Aki and Bay.


@erosdiscordia I would read the hell out of either of these.

@erosdiscordia I also have trouble summarizing character focused stuff. Like, it's about these people, they're cool, trust me, they just don't fit into a book jacket.

Lemme know if you ever figure it out

@lmorchard Thank you! That is truly encouraging to hear.

I'm not in the habit of talking about my writing (trying to change that). So when I share a bit about it and people seem enthused, it's like a booster pack.


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