@thegibson @jalefkowit I remember reading about that back in the day, through some random series of internet clicks, and thinking, "That doesn't sound like a safe idea."

I was a creative writing major at the time, not even into computers yet. If it was obvious to me, why did it happen anyway?

trying to genre my book 

@nebulos Sounds like an awesome genre to me. Sincerely. I don't usually read "thrillers", but a "science fantasy thriller" would catch my attention, bigtime. It's right in some sweet spot.

Happy Pride Month! Here's an event from my org.

6/18 @ 2PM - Pride Storytime with Bi+ Georgia

This month, we're hosting Pride Storytime, a creative sharing social on our Discord channel. The goal is to create a story (short story, comic, whatever!) that you would've liked to have as a bi+ kid growing up. Please sign up to share your story here:

Our discord invite link is discord.gg/D4v2UjJ

trying to genre my book 

@nebulos I guess the upside is, no preconceived notions? You could get away with a lot. :D

sharing things I've written! 

Couple updates to the things I #amwriting:

Uploaded a short (1 min) vignette of Erika waking up as an Empath: nebulos.space/e&a_erika_existe

Also put a link to the epub version of act 1 of my book here: nebulos.space/e&a_act1.html

If you give it a read, let me know. It'll make my day. :)

#writing #scienceFantasy #OC #fiction

My latest on Medium, Stop Feeding Trolls, in which I plead with people to stop engaging with bigots because all it does is contribute to stochastic terrorism. This is mostly a bird app problem, because of the way the algorithm works there.

#AmWriting #Transgender #LGBT


A reminder for #writing peeps - if you tag your writing related posts with @amwriting they will be boosted by the account. Follow & find other writers!

#amwritingscifi (<-- what I'm currently working on)

Let's get a community conversation going!

Boosts appreciated!

trying to genre my book 

@nebulos Would "Science Fantasy" fit?

Issue 28 of Indiepocalypse, the indie game anthology I run came out today. It features games from 10 developers, including 1 newly commissioned game.

Not only only is it a great way for you to find new indie devs but the devs also get paid up front and in royalties.

I'd love it if you checked it out!


#indiedev #gamedev #indiegame #indiegames #art #videogames #gaming #creativetoots

@twistylittlepassages I tried to stay away from straight-up "goth" artists, but yeah. That too.

please help me compile a playlist to set the mood for writing letters from a vampire. all suggestions welcome

(context: this game adventurebymail.itch.io/the-un)


Finally, my moment! XD

I don't know if any of these would help, but it's what comes to mind when I think "vampire music".

Concrete Blonde
Sisters Of Mercy
Love And Rockets
Cabaret Noctourne
The Wolfgang Press
The Smithereens
Dead Can Dance
TV On the Radio
Massive Attack
The Church
A Place to Bury Strangers
She Wants Revenge
The Veils

A-Ha, "October"
Joseph Lamb, "Ragtime Nightingale"

unsolicited advice 

@unperson It's good advice! My handwriting is farcically bad, but once I get settled and all my things together this fall, I was planning on doing something like that anyways. Either scanning, or taking HD photos of all the pages. It would take a load off my mind to have a backup copy, in case anything happened to the physical notebooks themselves.

Currently reading "Writing for games theory and practice" by Hannah Ricklin. It's really good. It doesn't just dive into plot but talks about the realities of game writing and processes. Recommended to non narrative devs too as I think it explains the job wonderfully. So much of the job can be explaining what it is.
There's even a section recommending what functionality your tools need.
#gamedev #writing

My favorite Fantasy books, not in any particular order:

* The Vampire Lestat, Rice
* Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation/MDZS
* Kushiel's Dart, Carey
* Small Gods, Pratchett
* The Last Unicorn, Beagle
* Deep Wizardry, Duane

Poem, Music, Dissonance, Death 

Licking Sound
May 15, 2022

abroad, the undertone changed
some background ever-presence
gone perfect-pitch astray
relative intervals between home
interstitial, absolutists
mathematically perfect

ignoring instrumental interdiction
theatres sine-cancelling by wire
entire redistribution in many-fold

rolling the five / six split
fifty-fifty, carrier
one can set palm against
insulator in buffer-space
national death rate written
carefully in generational rotation

piano as hearth-stone
most restive in that retrieval state
of utter-most outage

* * *

#poem #poetry #writing

Hey, so, women with 4c hair - what sort of hair style would you use if you suddenly had to go survivalist in an apocalypse situation and you had very long natural hair?

#AmWriting #hair #POC #WOC

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